The emails and phone calls we receive from parents and grandparents are rewarding and humbling at the same time:

“Just wanted to let you know that the airport set arrived. It is BEAUTIFUL! The boys are going to love it. I can’t even describe how wonderful I think it is.”

“What a FANTASTIC toy airport. My son is over the moon with it! Thank you SOO much for getting it to us in time for Christmas. You guys are awesome! The airport is great. It is very sturdy and folds up so nicely for storage.”

“You MADE his birthday!! It was the perfect present. The quality of your product(s) is AMAZING and he will treasure his Red Dog Airport and planes for many, many years to come. Last night I caught him watching your Red Dog videos on YouTube and rocking out in his chair. He is over-the-moon with everything Red Dog. And he so proudly wore his shirt for the very first time today for Show and Tell. We can’t thank you enough.”

“We have so many airplanes and the boys play with them for hours. BUT they have always asked for an airport that fits their airplanes there is nothing out there as you know. I have bought every airport I have ever found but they are not built to scale even though the same company makes the airplanes and they never have all the requirements. My oldest mentioned to me again this year that he wanted an airport and didn’t understand why Santa just didn’t build it. Well, I didn’t know how I was going to deal with that! I went back online and I found you! And I am SO VERY happy about that.”

Wow! Two parents using the phrase “over the moon” – it’s officially our new tag line!

The company started with a love of airplanes and airports with our youngest son, Nic. Before he could talk, Nic pointed to the sky at airplanes and made a “winglet” sign with his fingers (noticing the RJ’s had different wings from the big jets).  Nic and his friends played with all the many versions of Red Dog Airports for the last eight years.  His love, inspiration and ideas built the set we sell today.  He helped with every part of this product including the airport design, the building of the online ‘virtual’ Red Dog Cockpit, and Red Dog’s iconic logo.  He’s made several field trips and walked factory floors of the vendors who built the tarmac, the terminal and the airport tower.  Today, he helps assemble and pack shipments directly to customers and Amazon.  He (and his parents) have learned much over the last few years.  When asked last year what he wants to be when he grows up, he told his teacher ‘an entrepreneur’.  In many ways, he is already there.

A few months back we received an email from another junior aviator asking: is there really a Red Dog? We’re happy to say yes there certainly is a Red Dog and her name is Maci. She is a five year old Golden Retriever and Nic’s best friend.  We posted several pictures of Maci and our three previous “Red Dogs” on our Facebook page (see link at the top right).

The airport set we sell from this website is one of the last toys made in American. We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of the airport.  Please browse the site to learn more about the airport and the FREE ‘play along’ online virtual cockpit with audio from real pilots, flight attendants and air traffic controllers based here in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area.  As the parents and grandparents tell us, the Original Red Dog Airport set is “over the moon”.